‘The Watcher’ a voyeuristic fantasy by PureTaboo

‘The Watcher’ a voyeuristic fantasy by PureTaboo

PureTaboo.com has released ‘The Watcher’ a voyeuristic fantasy where a young couple is followed home by a creep who spies on them. The scene stars Zoey Foxx, Ricky Johnson and Domenic Kane.

A homeless man’s (Domenic) legs stick out from underneath a tarp as he lays huddled on a dirt floor, surrounded by garbage and old food containers. We watch him lift off the tarp and sit up to see the sunlight streaming through the cracks in the door. His face is hidden by his hooded sweatshirt, but he is a tall, intimidating figure. He rummages through his garbage before picking up an old tattered porno mag and, with a groan, opening its sticky pages.

He later comes upon the entrance of a park. We watch him look around before deciding to venture inside and walking through a secluded, woody area at the back of the park. He has come here to drink and look through more of his magazine. As he settles down by the parameter fence, he hears a woman laughing and pauses; he cautiously stands back up and creeps towards the sound of the woman. Through the clearing, a couple have laid out a blanket underneath some trees and are making out. Jenny (Zoey), giggles and play fights with Paul (Ricky), her boyfriend, who is trying to affectionately get her clothes off. The man watches and listens, as their small talk reveals the pair are a recent couple out on a date. They are both college students. Paul wants to have sex while Jenny is nervous. She doesn’t want to do it in public and get caught. He tells her to chill out; no one ever comes to the back of the park. ‘Besides, we are both over twenty-one,’ he adds. ‘And it would only be a misdemeanor; so isn’t it worth the risk?!’ She laughs and tells him he’s a terrible influence, as they keep kissing. Finally, caving to the pressure, Paul suggests they go back to his place to fuck instead, and Jenny eagerly agrees. They gather up their things and leave, while the man still watches.

The man watches Paul and Jenny as they enter his house, leaving the door slightly ajar by mistake. Cautiously, the man creeps up and quietly steps through it after them. He can hear their voices on the other side of the house. Breathing heavily, he walks through the main floor and towards the bedroom. He peeks inside and watches as the couple make out in bed. Paul is removing Jenny’s top as they kiss passionately, and she undoes his belt. She begins to give him a hand job. Paul begs Jenny to suck his dick, but she keeps laughing and pulling twigs out from his dirty shorts. ‘Let’s just take a quick shower first,’ she teases. ‘And then you can do whatever the fuck you want to me!’ Paul groans and nods, ushering Jenny off the bed and out of the room, as they strip off their clothes and narrowly miss the man who has darted around the corner. The man hears the shower come on and then creeps into the bedroom, so he can find himself a better view. He decides to hide inside the closet.

A few moments later, the couple come back into the room naked and ready to have sex. The closet door stays in the frame as they begin to go at it, completely unaware that they are being watched.
Zoey Foxx, Ricky Johnson, Domenic Kane