Fantasy Factory-Wastelands released

Fantasy Factory-Wastelands!
Fantasy Factory-Wastelands! delivers next level storytelling, cinematography, scoring and special effects in Fantasy Factory Wastelands. Humankind created androids to make life easier, but the androids became more and more like their creators with each upgrade. In the 5-part series, Girlsway is proud to release it’s first episode, The Villain starring Abigail Mac, Georgia Jones and Alexis Fawx.

Girlsway Corporation’s ‘pleasure bots’ became the first androids to be indistinguishable from humans. Beings that started off as tools soon became toys of the rich – and ultimately weapons. The corporation began producing super soldiers, and society evolved to where only the rich occupied the cities, using the soldiers to expel the poor and middle classes to create their own paradise.

Beyond that paradise existed the Wastelands.

Georgia Jones approaches a rundown facility, known as the Fantasy Factory, its crumbling walls angrily scrawled with graffiti proclaiming the agony and hatred of the people. Georgia finds a group of scantily-clad women, led by Dana DeArmond, that offer their sex services, saying that they have every kind of girl to satisfy Georgia’s needs. Georgia’s eyes fall upon a bubbly and eager Alexis Fawx, and knows exactly what – or who – she wants. After haggling with Dana, the deal is sealed. Meanwhile, Commander Mac emerges stealthily from the darkness of the wastes, moving with purpose as she closes in on the Fantasy Factory. She confronts Dana, telling her that she’s there to retrieve property that’s been stolen from her employer. It isn’t long before Georgia and Alexis come crashing together on a lone mattress in an otherwise bare room. Alexis is eager to get started, her fierce passion taking Georgia by surprise. There is little hesitation as Alexis roleplays as a naughty housewife to fulfill all of Georgia’s secret desires.Â

Girlsway fans were COUNTING DOWN the days to start watching the 5-part feature series -and the wait is over as Part 1 was released today!